Considering the many benefits of rocking, we big men can only be happy with the emergence of the increasingly popular heavy duty rocking chairs.

Just a little reminder:

Science has proven that rocking can be therapeutic, rejuvenating, sleep-inducing, and a stress reliever.

Heck! It even helps burn calories.

And it’s now official: I and you can join the rocking nation thanks to extra wide outdoor rocking chairs.

Now, let’s talk about a plus size rocking chair.

First, why do you need it?

Why Buy A Heavy Duty Rocking Chair

  • You will Harvest All The Numerous benefits Of Rocking

Sitting in oversized rocking chairs lets you live large indoors and out simultaneously, and gain from the immense goodness of rocking.

As a reminder, rocking has immense health and lifestyle gains. You need not be passed by this goodness-packed train.

  • These Chairs Are Safe

As you rock your way to sleep or lower blood pleasure, you will be safe in the knowledge that at no one time will a heavy duty rocking chair let you down by crashing. Their tough construction doesn’t allow such embarrassments.

  • These Are Easier To Get Into/Out Of

Oversized outdoor rocking chairs are designed oversized with another crucial reason: to be easy to board/ disembark from for us big men.

If you have ever used a small rocking chair, you know how difficult it is to get in so this a welcome change.

Possible Problems With Heavy Duty Rocking Chairs

The one drawback is that you will probably have to pay more to acquire a genuinely great extra wide rocking chair.

But they last long and perform wonderfully so eventually it could prove to be an inspired investment.

Types Of Heavy Duty Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are available in several styles and designs:

Here is a summary:

  1. Conventional (Traditional) Heavy Duty Rocker

Traditional heavy duty outdoor rocking chairs rock on curved legs. They are straightforward, longer lasting, and inexpensive.

They may sadly not be as flexible as some contemporary extra wide rocking chairs.

  1. Spring Heavy Duty Rocker

These are close to conventional rockers but rock using mounted heavy duty springs.

Like their cousins, they are fairly pocket-friendly (But for the heavily padded models) and very durable.

  1. Heavy Duty Glider Rocker

A heavy duty glider rocker uses multiple levers and swivels in moving back and forth on an unusual flat plane – and not in the traditional arc.

This flat motion saves space than traditional rockers and is considered more comfortable.

The sophisticated mechanism, however, makes glider rockers costlier.

  1. Heavy-Duty Reclining Rocking Chair

A big and tall rocking chair can come with a recliner facility. This allows you to recline back to more relaxing positions in front of the TV or in the yard.

Such an extra wide rocking recliner is pricey but you get more soothing options.

  1. Swivel Heavy Duty Rockers

It’s not unusual to find glider plus size rocking chairs and heavy duty spring rockers having a swivel mechanism to allow a second plane for a rocking motion.

This means only one thing:

Extreme comfort and more flexibility.


At a higher cost!

  1. Nursery Rockers

An oversized rocking chair nursery helps big mums sit comfortably for long and rock a fussy baby to sleep.

Some have wide padded armrests to support your arms as you breastfeed him/her.

  1. Folding Heavy Duty Rocking Chair

A heavy duty folding rocking chair folds easily for storage saving space in your apartment. It’s also light and the best to take to camps, sporting events, and competitions.

Heavy Duty Rocking Chairs Buying Guide

Heavy Duty Rocking Chairs - The Bet Plus Size Rocking Chairs GuideSo, how do you tell the greatest rocking chair of them all? You will want to look at your needs and the following features:

  • Overall Design

Rocking chairs have diverse designs.

Some come with durable resin constructions that hold up strongly to elements. Others are beautifully finished and with great eye appeal while yet others have quality dovetail constructions that’s also easier to assemble/ take down for storage.

An oversized wood rocking chair can also come without the typical bar at the front making it more comfortable.

In short, focus only on chairs whose overall construction matches your taste.

  • Special Features

Some of the extra wide rocking chairs are made more effective by the inclusion of special accessories and features.

For example, a recliner would be great as it offers more relaxing positions.  Some actually recline fully in addition to delivering unique back support.

There are some glider rocking chairs so big they can sit two people and with curved arms plus well-ventilated bench seats to provide more comfort.

There are even those with special colorfastness fabrics and which will never fade in any outdoor settings.

  • It’s Capacity

In general, the frame of a heavy duty indoor rocking chair, as well as outdoors rockers, is designed to accommodate heavier weights than regular rocking chairs.

The difference is however in weight capacity. You may find metallic frames carrying as much as 600 lbs. An oversized wooden rocking chair (With the exception of hardwoods) may go slightly below.

The right thing to do is to pick a heavy duty rocking chair that has your weight rating.

  • Storage Space

Storage space is another issue.

Heavy duty rocking chairs are big and eat into your apartment space. But if you are really constrained in terms of space, you can opt for folding heavy duty rocking chairs.

As I had mentioned earlier, once collapsed, these become compact and easier to store.

  • Planned Use

So, how are you planning to use your heavy duty rocking chair? Is it outdoors or indoors?

If you are a camping, beach, or sports guy, you will want a lighter- and probably a folding- heavy duty rocker.

If you like a reading rocker or a chair just to rewind in the house, you may want the rockers primed for interior use, especially since their cushioning and support enables you to sit and rock for many hours without fatigue.

Heavy Duty Rocking Chairs Reviews

I recently set out to replace my rocking chair and was amazed by the flooding of the market by some sleek choices.

Here now is a review of the topmost options

White Outdoor 600 lbs. Capacity Rocking Chair

A durable rugged construction, a roomy seat, and an astronomical weight capacity (600 lbs. when stationary) are the highlights in this leading rocking chair.

White Outdoor Rocking Chair - 600-Lb. Capacity


Click Here to View Current Price

The newest release is actually built on a new all bigger resin platform to make it wider and a bit higher, with the bump in size lifting it to the league of most capable rocking chairs.

The design also means it won’t warp, blister, rust, or peel.

Something else:

The quality dovetail assembly helps you put it together easily as well as to the rocker down for storage.

Coming to comfort, this resin rocker gives the very best rocking chairs a good run for their money and remains remarkably comfortable for a bigger person.

In short, I am persuaded that this offers a very good deal.


  • Dovetail assembly
  • Durable rugged construction
  • Extra-large seat
  • All Resin
  • 600 lbs. capacity


  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Very roomy.
  • Super easy to assemble/disassemble.
  • Higher and awesome for people with longer legs.
  • Should last for many seasons.


  • The arms can do with more padding.

Highwood Lehigh Rocking 500 lbs. Chair, Charleston Green

Traditionally, Highwood makes premium furniture but they seem to have gone a notch higher in this eco-friendly rocking chair in a bid to secure its position atop the heavy duty rockers segment.

Highwood Lehigh Rocking Chair, Charleston Green


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Both the seat is very large and the back pretty high. And so it should be easy to enter and your head should rest comfortably.

Crucially, the rocker is very heavy and hard to break- not unless you outdo its 500 lbs. capacity of which you still need to work hard.

The rocker is overall very solid and should hold its own against direct sunlight, rain, heat, and marauding outdoor elements.

The other big news is that it’s pretty easy to clean.

It’s a fun large rocker and should rock you to dreamland in no time.


  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 500 lbs. Capacity
  • Fade resistant
  • Charleston green
  • Classic design


  • Easy to clean
  • Fade resistant
  • Longer warranty
  • Eco-friendly chair
  • Great looking


  • It’s not that deepest seat.

Amish Heavy Duty Mission 600 lbs.Pressure Treated Rocker

A top amish heavy duty rocking chair, this pressure treated rocker is not only an exceptional and beefy entrant to the historic Mission styling line of furniture but also a fine example of a modern rocker.

Amish Heavy Duty 600 Lb Mission Pressure Treated Rocking Chair With Cupholders (Cedar Stain)


Click Here to View Current Price

This is pure heavy duty furniture territory and impresses enough to serve even in competitive commercial facilities like condos, resorts, and more.

Add in the four charming eco-friendly soy-based finish options (plus the authentic-looking unfinished) and you have a rocking chair that could become the envy of your neighborhood.

Its kiln-dried pine which means an enormous weather-beating durability and a dramatically reduced propensity to shrink, check, or warp

Look at it as a muscle rocker for the 21st century, exhibiting the essential traditional rocking pleasure and a pedigree tailored to meet all your relaxation needs.


  • Made from kiln-dried pressure-treated pine.
  • Mission style.
  • Commercial grade
  • Unfinished (or 4 eco-friendly soy-based stain finishes)
  • 600 lbs. capacity


  • Very sturdy
  • Very big
  • So comfortable
  • Handsome classic looks
  • Very well built


  • Not scratch proof.


Thanks to advancement in rocking chair technology, a heavy duty rocking chair is now available.

It’s reinforced and designed to hold out strong under heavier weights.

It’s also flexible, roomy, and super supportive. Plus, it guarantees you massive pleasure.

Overall, this chair rocks!

Health professionals have always insisted on the need for the correct chairs for office workers. For us from the large community who spend our days seated at the office, the emphasis is on getting the best office chairs for big guys.

And if you have used extra wide office chairs, you will perhaps agree with this opinion.

These are big and strong. Some even conform to your body to give that out of the world feeling.

The best part?

There are a lot of great oversized office chairs waiting for you.

And I will be talking all about them right here.

Why you need an office chairs for big guys

  • These Chairs Offer A Lot Of Support

 Some of these chairs are ergonomic and conform to your body precisely supporting natural posture. This reduces stressful pressure which can eventually help avoid spinal stress. A big and tall computer chair can also allow you to modify the angle for maximum support.

  • Big And Tall Office Chairs Are Easy To Get Into/Out Of

Because it’s big, a best big and tall office chair is easier to get in/out. It’s a far cry from the short sub-standard chairs that are awkward – even embarrassing- to climb into or move out.

  • Extra-Large Are So Much Comfortable

Big man furniture, for example, big and tall living room chairs have no equal in terms of comfort. From the height, the heavy-duty cushioning, adjustability, all the way to oversized foot and headrests, for big people, these have everything.

  • These office chairs are safe with higher weights

The other dominant quality is a robust construction which makes them safe to use. Because of the tough engineering, cases of the chairs breaking or collapsing are very rare.

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High-end models, for example, the sleek heavy duty chairs 600 lbs brands  are actually built to support extremely heavy people.

Disadvantages of big office chairs

  • Heavy duty furniture, including big and tall gaming chairs can approach double the weight of typical office chairs and takes quite some effort to lift.
  • The chairs are a space-eating mess. The armrests, in some big and tall office chairs cheap also don’t always slide under the desks easily.

Types of Big and Tall Chairs

These chairs have certain modifications to suit your various applications:

Have a look.

Ergonomic Big Man Office Chairs

A true savior for a big office worker, you will find this office chair complete with countless adjustments to help deliver full support for us, plus-sizes. The important adjustments include knee tilt, seat depth, back height, seat height, and lumbar support.

Big and Tall Conference Chairs

If you are a meetings guy, this is the most ideal.

The tall chair is designed to lean slightly forward to keep you engaged in deliberations and meetings. The seating options typically have very few adjustments, on the assumption that you barely sit for long.

Executive Big Man office Chairs

These chairs look pretty and usually have high backs and extreme cushioning. They make your office look the talk among your colleagues.

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Best Office Chairs for Big Guys Buying Guide

 Not all office chairs for big people are created equal. But how do you know if an office chair is high-quality?

The answer is in the features. Here are the most crucial considerations:

  • Longevity

When you’re searching for heavy-duty office furniture, make sure that it’s going to last.

A premium office chair can be made of tough PU leather, high-density quality foam, and feature highly resilient springs.

Other includes high-quality casters, heavy duty explosion proof chassis, and a sturdy base.

Some chairs are also heatproof and anti-corrosion.

  • Adjustability

Adjustable Heavy duty Office Chairs for big people have always won favor with heavier guys.

Check for things like a customized height adjustment, a rocking tilt function, and more.

The best is an ergonomic design because you can set almost every other feature to perfect fit ensuring a memorable gaming, working, or napping time.

  • Comfort features

On average, an office worker sits for 59 days (1,420 hours). Now, sitting in your office chair for such prolonged periods may cause low back pain among other problems.

The main reason is the static posture that usually increases stress on the back muscles and spinal discs.

The antidote is a chair with overwhelming comfort features.

Look for contoured segmented padding, an integrated headrest, lumbar support, thickly padded armrests, 360-degree swivel, and such awesome features.

A waterfall padding on the front seat improves blood circulation and adds comfort.

  • Aesthetics

What are your favorite colors? Which is the dominant theme in your office? And what are your brand colors?

Choose a chair color and design that keeps with your brand, your office theme, and that adds to the present aesthetic value.

Personally I have 2 big and tall office chairs 400 lbs with a chestnut (brown) leather upholstery and walnut (brown) wood components and my friends have always praised them.

  • Planned use

You may also do well to choose a chair that’s custom built to serve your needs.

If you are seated in video conferences the whole day, you would want a chair that’s used primarily for conference calls or brief meetings.

If your sense of fun in the office is dabbling into some computer games, you would want a gaming chair.

If your days involve more collaborative work, a chair with casters will eliminate the hassle of moving from one workstation to the next.

  • Weight Limit

Feeling at home and safe in your office chair is every big man’s dream. Now, this really needs no introduction. If you are 300 lbs., you need an office chair that’s perfectly capable of supporting this weight.

The 500 lbs. guys need heavy duty chairs 500lbs and so on and so forth. I have even met some absolutely solid heavy duty office chairs 1000 lbs.

Best Office Chairs for Big Guys Reviews

Here are the 3 top-rated ones to help you make a decision.

YAMASORO Ergonomic black High-Back Leather Office Chair

From the materials, the looks, and the plush feeling, I love everything about this heavy office chair.

What really captured my attention most is the design of the spacious seating area.

 YAMASORO Ergonomic High-Back Black Executive PU Leather Office Chair with Flip-Up Arms, Swivel, Big and Tall Black

Click to Buy on Amazon Now

Well, while the best office chairs for big guys offer lots of support, this takes up a notch higher by implementing a multi-layered approach to cushioning. There is a top comfort layer, a supportive enhancing memory foam layer, an additional layer to boost overall comfort, soft support at its front cushion and firmed support at the back cushion.

Big & tall, this ergonomic office chair’s sitting dynamics will suit the needs of most heavy men. Luxurious body pillowing and the padded headrest should provide ample neck support and relieve pressure points caused by sitting for many hours.

The commercial-grade components and heavy-duty casters mean it’s a durable chair while the bonded leather upholstery makes it an irresistible beauty.


  • Premium finish
  • Luxurious bonded weather
  • Thick contoured cushions
  • Cable actuated levers
  • Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Seat: 20.5”W x 19.7”D


  • Very comfortable
  • Promotes circulation
  • What a beauty!
  • Quite durable
  • Roomy fit


  • Arms may not fit under your desk

Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

Built for an extra-large person, the Sadie ergonomic computer chair has enough oomph to hold up under extremely heavy use, although the color isn’t what I would call “light.”

Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair, Height Adjustable Arms with Adjustable Lumbar, Black

Click to Buy on Amazon Now

At a depth of 20.9 inch and 22.0 inch wide, the Sentra’s initial impression is that it’s going to be roomy and when you add its customizable features, you know it’s another comfortable fit.

I am referring to the adjustable lumbar support, height-adjustable arms, and the 360-swivel (plus the Smooth-rolling casters) that helps you quickly move up and down.

Your back will have the time of its life thanks to the breathable and well-cushioned fabric.

The styling is upmarket, the base strong and heavy-duty while the price is a huge attraction.


  • Rolling office chair
  • Ergonomic posture support
  • Cooling mesh back
  • Adjustable arms (removable)
  • 350 lbs. Weight capacity
  • Seat: 22”W x 20.9”D


  • You can remove the arms to fit under your desk
  • Affordable pricing
  • Very comfortable
  • Feels very sturdy
  • Wheels roll smoothly


  • Color choices a bit limited

Flash Furniture Big and Tall 500 lb. Leather Executive Swivel office Chair

One of the all-time best big and tall dining chairs 500lbs, the seat is extraordinarily big, the back exceptionally high, and the built-in lumbar support phenomenal.

 Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 500 lb. Rated Black Leather Executive Swivel Chair with Extra Wide Seat

Click to Buy on Amazon Now

Its high back design will relieve tension in your lower back to prevent long-term strain while the waterfall front seat design improves circulation. The headrest will help your neck relax while leaning back not to mention that the tilt lock offers a super comfortable rocking motion.

It even allows you to adjust the seating height to your best position using the built-in pneumatic adjustment lever.

In terms of comfort and luxury, that puts it up there with the best.

This office chair’s embellished mesh trim and the chrome base crowns this impressive office chair by giving it a super stylish look.

In all, this flash furniture’s big & tall chair helps make your days look shorter and fun.


  • 500 lb. Weight Capacity.Best Office Chairs for Big Guys Reviews - Best Heavy Duty Office Chair
  • High Back Design
  • Ratchet Headrest (Height Adjustable)
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Embellished Mesh Trim
  • Seat: 22”W x 20.5”D


  • Outstanding construction.
  • Very well padded.
  • Tilts easily
  • Easy to adjust
  • Holds more weight (500 lbs.)


  • The back angle is a bit constrained.


If you are oversize and have big dreams at your workplace, the best office chairs for big guys could be the one weapon that will convert you to a superstar performer and increase your love for the job.

And they’re so essential with studies having proven that bad office furniture affects your morale and can even pose a health risk.

The best news is that chairs like the ones we have reviewed in this article are so different and make work time fun time.

No wonder they come so highly recommended by professionals.

We have of late been receiving a lot of emails about recliners for heavy people from frustrated guys. Apparently, getting a good, leave alone the best big man recliner is becoming like a game of musical chairs… people don’t seem to know even where to start;

First, what is a recliner chair?

Recliners are simply ordinary chairs which have been improved for comfort. They can be inclined to various sitting positions and angles to fully support your body and maximize comfort.

Modern recliners for heavy people are not only comfier but are also very attractive (a good example is the Stallion Rocker Recliner).

A recliner brings you many benefits:

For example, it helps relieve back and joints pain.

Then, given its comfort and reclining ability, it can make you relax after a hard job.

Not only this, it can be used as a bed whenever you want to take a quick nap.

In addition, your larger buddies/relatives with disabilities/limitations in movement will be more mobile with recliners thus enabling them to get back some of their independence

So, can you get a truly great heavy duty recliner?

Absolutely yes!

Recliners for heavy people come in all designs. Some are electric. Others very fashionable while yet others take pride in their ability to deliver a 100% head-to-toe comfort.

Well, I don’t want to confuse you…

So this is what you do:

Go through our review of the best heavy duty recliners for heavy people.

Then, peruse our buying guide so that you can know what really matters.

You will be amazed at how everything looks easy afterward..

Before you Buy a Heavy Duty Recliner

When it comes to buying a plus size recliner, you should double check these three things before you buy…

  • The recliner’s capacity

Check the recliner’s weight and sitting area capacity. A good recliner should be able to comfortably accommodate your big body and weight. If you have a big body, go for an oversized recliner.

  • Your height

Not all recliners will perfectly accommodate a tall person. If you are taller than the average person, consider a big and tall recliner. A perfect example is the Lane Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner, which is 48” tall. I have seen it support guys who are 6′ 4.75″, 6′ 5″, 6′ 6″, 6′ 8″ and 6′ 9”.

  • Available space

Will the recliner fit in your allotted space? Make sure the dimensions are not too big or small.  Also ask yourself this: is my space far enough from the wall to recline? Most people forget that it takes about 6-8 inches behind the recliner to allow it to recline

If you can confirm these three things and have found a recliner that fits your budget than you’re sure to have a good experience!

Here is our selection;

Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair. 500 lbs
Easy Comfort LC-100 Infinite Position Lift Chair. 325 lbs
Flash Furniture AM-9930-7980-GG Big and Tall Capacity Recliner. 350 lbs
Lane Stallion Comfort King Recliner. 500 lbs
Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner500lbs

The Best Plus Size Recliners for 2019

The following are 5 of the best recliners that can give a plus size person the comfort they need – a recliner that will comfortably hold your weight and body size. Enjoy

Lane Furniture Stallion Recliner, Praline

If you have someone suffering from any form of back pain, a heavy duty recliner can help relieve some of their discomforts.

Remember back pains disrupt your sleep patterns and severely limit movement.

Recliners for heavy people Reviews for 2017 - recliners for heavy weight

One of the famed heavy duty recliners for large people is the lane stallion recliner, praline. With a capacity to hold up to 500lbs, I liked its extra-tall back and reinforced construction.

What’s makes this unique?

It is comfortable for taller people (The seat is around 22-inches tall) and doesn’t take up too much space in your house

Here is a summary of what you get;


It’s designed for bigger individuals- as you can see, it’s not only sufficiently tall but is also ok with top weights of up to 500lbs.

This is one of the few recliners for large man which seems to be space conscious. The wall saver design is such that it reclines intelligently without taking in even an extra inch of space

The engineers haven’t forgotten that heavy duty recliners worth their salt should be comfortable. Indeed, the seat is not only more padded but it comes with a footrest to ensure you remain comfortable through and through.

You can sleep in it thanks to its solid construction and strengthened cushioning.  In fact, you just feel as if you are in your king-size bed.

Remember the choice of color says much about you. You will love this seat’s  fabric and the color.


Just like many of the great recliners, this is heavy. If you want to keep moving it about in your sitting room, you may need some help.

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Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner Color: Brown

People go for heavy duty recliners for big men for different reasons. But one which you keep hearing is their ability to offer extra support.

Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner Color: Brown - best recliner for heavy men

The most popular recliners for tall people can be easily and automatically adjusted to your optimal position for extra comfort and stability.

The stallion comfort king wallsaver recliner is one of the best recliners for heavy weight men. It has a full-body recline and is extremely cozy.

What makes this one of the best?

The wall saver design saves on your space. Then again, the hardwood construction enhances its strength and also makes sure that this is best big man recliner if you are looking at something that you can use for many years.

You also get the following;


It packs the style to make you feel more comfortable as you welcome your big friends for another evening of merry-making.

The overall engineering is purposed at making it one of the most comfortable big man recliners. There is in addition to the full recline added seat plus back cushions, rolled arms and some intensive padding on the entire seating area.

It’s made to be durable as evidenced by the use of kiln-dried hardwood, drop in coil springs and strengthened frame.

This is again created for our larger guys. The recliner has the capability to hold 500 lbs without breaking a sweat beside having a tall back and a wider seat.

Similar to many of its peers from stallion furniture, this has a wall saver design. This means that you get a greater floor space to help you make sure that you can still be okay using it in a studio or in your loft size apartments.


The assembly seems to take more time as you need to join the many parts together.

Easy Comfort LC-100 Infinite Position Lift Chair – Navy

Recliners have come a long way. Are you aware that the first attempt at creating a reclining chair was done by the French around 1850?

Easy Comfort LC-100 Infinite Position Lift Chair - Navy - lane stallion comfort king recliner (big man recliner 500 lb)

From then, a lot has happened:

Today, recliners often have an adjusting headrest, some lumbar support and a separate footstool that moves with your weight and the angle of your legs to optimize comfort.

The LC-100 is one of the more trendy recliners for heavy people and beats most of its competitors hands down.

This is why it’s a world-beater:

It is an excellent all-electric lift cum recline chair with the backrest and footrest operating independently so that you can adjust to your most comfortable position.

More to this, you will realize that:


Its twin motors also allow this recliner chair to lie flat. This way, you can enjoy sleeping when you decide it’s time to take a nap.

Again, if you or your loved ones need help when attempting to stand or even sit down, the recliner button comes in handy. Everything is done by a single touch of the button. So, they continue to enjoy some sense of independence in spite of everything else.

It is multi-purpose. Use it whenever you want to enjoy a movie in front of your big screen, for sleeping, when reading, or simply whenever you want to sit back and relax.

This versatile chair features greatly padded roll arms, some split T-style back, plus a cushioned chaise seat. This delivers total head to toe luxury.

You get some useful extra store! The LC-100 has a spacious side pocket where you can store magazines, your newspapers, or even the remote control.

In addition, the LC-100 comes equipped with a toughened steel-lift mechanism to enable it to hold top weights(it has a 325 lbs weight-rating) as well as make you feel stable when sleeping.

This heavy duty furniture has the beauty to go with your favorite interior décor.


The only issue perhaps is that its footrest doesn’t go too high but generally, it is able to rise to a position where most of my guests seem comfortable.

Homelegance Kellen Power Lift Bonded Leather Recliner, Dark Brown

One of the most overlooked advantages of mobility tools like recliners is that they make some remarkable difference in the life anyone using them.

Homelegance Kellen Power Lift Bonded Leather Recliner, Dark Brown - best recliner for tall man recliners for over 400 lbs

Not only do they have great health benefits but are also perfect to sit on or relax in.

The Kellen Powerlift bonded recliner is a superb mobility platform created for guys who value freedom and want to be more mobile.

Here is why this recliner big man is superb:

It features a power-lift mechanism which moves you from being fully reclined standing in seconds.

But there is more:


It is a fully functional option for bigger guys and one of the most supportive heavy duty recliner chairs, thanks to the power-lift

The recliner seat flaunts a transitional styling which means it compatible with almost all home decors. Never again will you have to modify your decoration just because you have bought a recliner.

As a top-rated candidate in the best recliners for big men contest, it is supremely comfortable. The padded arms. ergonomic design and the impressive channel tufted backseat will make you forget about all your worries as you enjoy its warmth.

This has admirable sturdiness. When you see that it the power-lift is based on steel, you feel reassured that as it promises, your whole 300lbs will be very well supported.

You don’t have to go combing the neighborhood for an engineer. This is very easy to assemble thanks to its screw-free construct


The movement mechanism isn’t that fast, especially after some prolonged use.

Mega Motion Wayne 3-Position Power Lift Recliner

Electric recliners for heavyweight are marvelous whenever you need a helping hand.

While it is true that most large man recliners out there have some degree of assistance, all-electric recliners are considered to be more advanced. No wonder, experienced guys prefer them.

Mega Motion Wayne 3-Position Power Lift Recliner - best recliner for tall man

If you have decided to go for reliability, these recliners for fat people will make you feel at home.

The mega motion power lift recliner is one such chair that clearly outshines many of the other heavy duty recliners for big man.

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What makes this to shine?

It is very easy to operate and one of the few electric recliners for big people that come with an integrated backup- just in case power fails.

This is a round-up of this awesome recliner;


It features a superb remote-controlled recliner mechanism which moves smoothly through the motions when being adjusted to get to your most comfortable position.

The fabric upholstery has some cool color options to add taste to your indoors. The seat is available in fawn, brandy, navy, chocolate, and sage. Simply choose the color that best describes you.

This furniture piece comes with an easy-to-clean micro-suede chaise padding making this one of the easier to clean recliners for large people

The frame is hardwood and the lift mechanism steel. This makes it more than able at handling weights. It can indeed support weights of up to 325 lbs.

The emergency battery backup ensures that you can continue enjoying the seat even when off grid. So, your friends who have movement limitations or are disabled won’t fear to venture out.


The only blip is that the armrest doesn’t feel firm enough to support you when you wish to get up. Otherwise, it will work fine if you don’t go too hard on it.

Best Recliners for Heavy People FAQ

Are recliners bad for you?

Even though recliners come with many benefits, they are not helpful for people who sit too much.

According to doctors, spending hours a day in a recliner (in front of our TV with a remote) is not good for your health.

This is not the recliners fault…

Are recliners bad for your back?

For the question – can recliners cause back pain? – the answer is yes and no.

Yes if your recliner leaves a gap between your lower back and the chair. Your body slouches into this gap to fill it when you put your feet up. Over time, the slouching puts a strain on muscles and ligaments of your lower back. This will ultimately hurt your back.

No, if your recliner is designed to have your lower back and the seat to move together eliminating a gap. When the lower back is supported, your back doesn’t get hurt.

You can solve the gap problem by rolling up a towel and stuffing it behind you.

Can recliners cause leg problems?

Yes, a recliner can cause leg problems but only if you remain seated for long. Prolonged sitting down might cause swelling of the legs due to poor circulation of blood. Since the muscles are inactive, it becomes difficult for blood to circulate properly.

How recliners work?

Different types of work using different mechanisms. Electric/power recliners use a different mechanism from manual recliners.

For manual recliners, all you need to do is push the recliner backward using your body while pulling a lever.

Power recliners work by pressing a touch button below the armrest. Instead of a lever, the recliner has springs that do the magic.

Who makes best recliners?

There are great recliner brands out there but nothing comes close to the Lane furniture if you’re looking for a heavy duty recliner. It supports up to 500lbs.

Which recliners are the best?

This will depend on your needs. If you’re a big person and want a recliner that will comfortably accommodate you, then the Lane Furniture Stallion Recliner, Praline is the best.

Where to buy recliners cheap?

I am a big fan of online shopping. From my experience, online prices are relatively lower than those in offline stores are. Therefore, if you want to buy a cheap recliner, head to Amazon and thank me later.

Factors To Consider When Buying Recliners for heavy people

I am sure that our top 5 recliners for heavy people have given you a good idea of what to expect out there.

But there are some important features that you need to pay attention to successfully identify the best from our collection of recliners for large people

Here is a brief overview of what matters;

Maximum weight supported

How many lbs. can it carry? The maximum load capacity is a good indicator of the recliners ability to support larger guys.

Style & Fashion

Though not a deal-breaker, I would pick a stylish heavy duty recliner, so long as it meets all my other requirements


The best big man recliner should be flexible enough to be used as a seat, a bed or as even as a lounge.


There are some pretty durable recliners for large man on our list. unless you don’t mind the inconveniences of going back to the shop after a few months, you should always go for longer lasting recliners heavy people


The chair should be padded and have a footrest plus an armrest. On top, it should have a 100% recline.  Combined, this makes your recliner very comfortable (oversized rocker recliner are big enough for added comfort).


Some of the recliners for heavy people have some cool value-adding features. For example, the LC-100 has a useful side pocket for storage. At the same time, the mega motion power lift recliner has a backup power- perfect during blackouts.

If you are overweight, lack of enough sleep may make your health worse and so the best bed frame for heavy person can come in very handy.

Since they are specially designed to deliver ultimate support and durability for a plus-size person, heavy duty king size bed frames ensure you sleep quickly and sleep for longer.

And soon, you will be reaping the many sweet fruits of healthy sleep.

Now, I will go straight. Shopping for a sturdy king size bed may not be everyone’s cup of tea

Because of the plethora of choices available, you may find yourself hopping from one store to another yet still end with a so-so ‘strong bed frame’

But don’t mind- this post will cover all there is to know about plus size bed bed frames for heavy people

However, let see why I’m saying that a sturdy king size bed frame is a real deal.

Benefits of using the best bed frame for heavy person

  • To sleep well, heavy guys require additional support and this is not available in standard bed frames. Luckily, all heavy duty beds offer better support and strength.
  • These won’t budge even with as much as 800 pounds, so they are safer.
  • A heavy duty bed frame can also be used by your regular weight friends so they are more versatile

Disadvantages of a strong single bed frame

  • Perhaps the only major weakness is that a strong king size bed frame may cost more.

Common types of bed frames

While there’s a lot more, I will concentrate on the 2 dominant types of bed frames;

Box Spring Bed Frames

Bed frames with typical box springs have some advantages.

  1. They increase your bed’s height ensuring your mattress doesn’t sag which in turn makes it last longer.
  2. They have some space below the bed which you can use as storage capacity.

However, Box springs, don’t last forever, though you can prolong its life by turning it every few months

Platform Bed Frames

Platform bed frames don’t use box springs. This automatically decreases their height and makes them a bit difficult to get in/out of your bed.

However, for many people, low profile beds provide a more peaceful sleeping environment.

In addition, since they don’t require box spring, they are not that expensive.

And how much weight can a platform bed hold? In reality, platform bed frames hold as much as box springs so you have nothing to fear.

5 most recommended best bed frames for heavy person

As our tradition, we decided to save you the hassle of digging for the best bed frame for heavy person

And after lots of research and inquiries, we arrived at the top 5 best-selling heavy duty bed frames.

Here are our heavy duty bed frames person reviewed

Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

This king-sized heavy duty bed frame doesn’t need a box spring and seems to have it all.

Valuable under the bed storage space, solid support, a headboard, optimal height …name it.

Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

>>Click to Check Latest Price on Amazon

Then, you can easily move it anywhere – including through tight stairs thanks to its folding design.

Finally, you finish its tool-free assembly in a matter of minutes.

All in all, this is a gold-level heavy duty bed frame!


  • 14 inches high
  • Steel bed frame
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Folding design
  • Smartbase headboard brackets needed to add to the headboard


  • Assembly is so easy
  • very solid
  • Quite a nice height
  • Spacious storage space
  • Nicely finished


  • The frame may rust in the long run

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

Sleeping has never been easier than the way it is with this highly versatile heavy duty metal bed frame.

It really gives you options.

For one, you can use it with or minus a box spring.

>>Click to Check Latest Price on Amazon

Then, it supports all types of mattresses- innerspring, latex and even memory foam mattresses

Plus, it has a Flat, rigid surface that superbly protects your mattress- whichever you pick.

Still, its legs are capped so your floors remain protected from scratches even when moving it

Moving on, it’s Available in all the standard bed sizes. This means it works with every type of bed.

Finally, its folding design makes it transportation a breeze.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • Folding platform metal bed
  • Used with/without a box spring and/or foundation
  • Optional headboard and footboard
  • 14 inches high
  • 13 inches storage beneath
  • capped legs
  • tool-less assemble


  • Works with all mattresses
  • Easily to transport
  • Reasonably high
  • Very durable
  • Easiest set up
  • Protects your floor


  • May start squeaking after prolonged use

Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat

This is one of the sturdiest sturdy king size bed.

It’s so strong such that it comfortably supports the heaviest posh mattresses.

>>Click to Check Latest Price on Amazon

In fact, it happily takes in whatever weight you throw at it- and you will never hear it protesting.

Supporting up to 1200 lbs., this is a truly high weight capacity bed frame.

And to ensure that your Mattress doesn’t slide or wobble, you embed nicely in the frame


  • Steel slats support
  • All assembly tools and screws included
  • No box spring needed
  • Mattress is embedded
  • Maximum weight: 2200lbs
  • Hard plastic caps on feet


  • Mattress will never sag
  • Looks very nice
  • Feels super solid
  • The slats are super strong.
  • Ample storage underneath
  • Never scratches your floor


  • The underneath storage can’t fit totes

Malouf Heavy-Duty Adjustable Metal Bed with Center Support & Rollers

Coming with extra-wide rolling wheels, and enhanced central support, moving this stable king strong bed base is a piece of cake!

And to make it even more stable, the manufacturer fits in a pair of rollers lock that makes sure it doesn’t move as you get in or out.

Malouf Heavy-Duty Adjustable Metal Bed with Center Support & Rollers

>>Click to Check Latest Price on Amazon

The other major advantage of this heavy duty bed frame is that you can always adjust it to fit your favorite mattress- be it full, queen, or a twin mattress.

In terms of your safety, its universal headboard brackets can fit with most headboards so you will always end up with a very secure bed

And it’s not mean on looks- the gunmetal black matte coating keeps it looking awesome for years on end.


  • Adjustable mattress sizing
  • Four extra-wide rollers
  • Center support glide
  • 2 rollers lock
  • Extra center support bar
  • Tri-support braces
  • Universal headboard brackets
  • Gunmetal black powder coating


  • Great price
  • Easy assembly
  • The rolling wheels work excellently
  • Easy set-up
  • Has extra support
  • It adjusts to fit any mattress
  • You can create a designer look


  • Not very big
  • Sturdy but struggles with heaviest guys

Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

If you are looking for out of this world support, then you don’t need to look beyond this.

With 7 heavy duty Legs, solid steel metal standing, one-of-a-kind central support, freewheeling rug rollers with wonderful lockers, this is an elite heavy duty king size bed frame

Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

>>Click to Check Latest Price on Amazon

Whether Working with full, queen, twin, full XL, and twin XL size beds, this adjustable bed frame is an epitome of strength, durability, quality, and resilience.

Then, as you would expect with one of the best plus size bed bed frames for heavy people, it’s easy to move and takes less than ten minutes to put up!


  • 7-leg adjustable metallic frame
  • Strong center support
  • Constructed with rolling wheels (fitted with locks)
  • Headboard mounts
  • Works with full, queen, twin, full XL, and twin XL size beds.


  • Awesome support
  • No squeaks or wobbles
  • Top level durability
  • Fully adjustable
  • Lovable movement
  • Very well constructed


  • Can’t work with a king-sized bed

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What to look out for when buying the best bed frame for heavy person

Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person - Extra Strong Bed Frame for 2018Let’s now briefly highlight the factors that you should have at the back of your mind when selecting a heavy duty king bed frame

Here they are:

  • Design and style

We saw that you have a choice between spring box and platform bed frames. And you already know the pros and cons of each.

  • Ease of Assembly

I am sure you want a bed frame that you can set up within minutes. We rejected some bed frames because they had very confusing assembly instructions or were missing some setup accessories such as screws.

  • How much weight can a king size bed hold?

Most of the big beds for big people have their maximum weight clearly marked on the packaging.

You can rest assured that picking a frame with a lower capacity than your weight is risky considering that it can even crash while you are sleeping.

So, go for a very sturdy bed frame

  • Your comfort

What exactly are your actual needs as far as your comfort is concerned? While it may take longer before you nail it, bear in mind that the best king strong bed base should be strong enough to hold your weight, without creaking.

Furthermore, it should have some padding and be tall enough to comfortably fit your giant frame. Accessories like headboards also add to your comfort

  • Mobility

It should be light enough to move around especially if you are a fan of outdoor activities like camping.

  • Storage capacity

A bed makes you more organized if it has some storage space where you can keep a reading material, phone, and some other personal items

  • Looks

You would hate to land an ugly heavy duty king size bed frame as it nullifies your best efforts at making your living space attractive for guests.

Bottom Line

From our heavy duty bed frames write-up, it’s clear that you need not struggle with sleep problems just because you are overweight.

We have seen that a high weight capacity bed frame will sort you.

Then, from our best bed frame for heavy people review, you got some great insights into what you can expect with the very best heavy duty mattress frame

And with that, we hope you are now ready to get it right.

All the best mate.

It’s hard choosing the best plus size dining chairs, that’s why I’ve written this guide. Read on and I’ll make it easy for you!

When we come to dining, it is the little details that your guests often recall. They may fail to notice the wine but forever remember your uncomfortable and weak dining room chairs that are  squeaking and about to collapse under their weight.

This can be embarrassing:

So, why not make them feel good next time they come around? Have plus size dining chairs in place! Your plus size visitors will definitely notice the chairs safety!

Merax Dining Chair Leisure Padded Chair300 lbsFabric+WoodView
Winsome Wood Windsor Chair220 lbsWoodView
Flash Furniture HERCULES PREMIUM Series1000 lbsWoodView
Coaster Home Furnishings 100622 Casual Side Chair-WoodView
Roundhill Furniture Urban Style Solid Wood Leatherette Padded Parson Chair-WoodView

Reasons to buy plus size dining chairs

  • High weight capacity: these chairs are made to accommodate plus size people. They can comfortably and safely accommodate heavy people.
  • Stability: heavy duty chairs for dining room feature a study frame which provides the stability you need in a chair. A plus size person can comfortably sit on this chair.
  • Comfort: plus-size chairs are designed for comfort.
  • Safety: thanks to the study frame, you can now enjoy your meals comfortably and safely regardless of your weight.
  • Sophistication: these are not your ordinary dining chairs – they will give your dining room a sophisticated look.
  • Durability: these are not the type of chairs that break or collapse from your weight forcing you to go back to the shop. You buy once and forget.

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Some shortcomings

  • Heavy: most of these dining chairs are heavy. Moving them within the dining room is a pain.
  • Most of these chairs are not stackable. This means that putting them away to save space is a challenge.

Now that you know what you have been missing, how about allowing us to fill you in on how to approach chairs for big people?

Plus size kitchen chairs come in different styles, shapes, colours and sizes so that everyone, even the most demanding visitors can enjoy their meals safely and comfortably.

You know what I do best here – helping and guiding you. I honestly don’t want you to regret your decisions or go through the rough and tumble of the markets out there.

First, here are the top 5 cherry-picked selection of the best plus size dining chairs

Merax Dining Chair Leisure Padded Chair with Armrest, Nailed Trim, Beige, Set of 2

For years, Merax has perfected the art of producing some of the finest heavy duty dining chairs in the market.

This dining chair with an armrest and a nailed trim has a touch of grace and elegance.Merax Dining Chair Leisure Padded Chair with Armrest, Nailed Trim, Beige, Set of 2>>Click to Check Amazon for Latest Price

It brings a contemporary  look to your dining room, in the process uplifting the mood of all your guests;

And you don’t have to change your décor- this heavy duty dining chair blends naturally with your chosen theme.

It is indeed one of the greatest chairs for big people!

Why is this one of the greatest?

This is it:

Apart from the color suiting your room to a tee, it feels as strong as a bull thanks to its solid timber frame.

Then, of course, you like breathability especially if you are a big guy. The base fabric is as airy as it comes.

You will also enjoy a pleasant seating experience that’s to the thorough foam cushioning and the splendid armrest.

With all these, you will never feel embarrassed to welcome your long-lost guests back home!


It’s super-sturdy. It’s one of those large wooden chairs purposely built to handle pressure and stress from all corners.

When talking about chairs for obese people, this goes directly in. Reason? It has the muscle to survive higher weights…Your 300lbs friends who have long complained of lacking sturdy dining chairs will finally have somewhere to relax

The awesome foam-cushioning all across the seating area together with the magnificent armrest and the overall soft feel makes this strong chair as comfortable as an old shoe!

It is easy to lift- so, if you feel like making your house tastier by re-arranging everything, you will find it convenient to move around

This large wooden chair is has a durable solid wood frame and linen fabric that expressly assures one of its readiness to serve you royally for many more years.

It looks the part thanks to the trendsetting mix of the bronze-copper nail-head trimming, a diamond tufted design, plus the natural beige color. So, expect heads to turn every time you receive some guests.

This large wooden chair has a quick, straight-forward set-up; the instructions are easy as ABC while all the hardware you need for assembly come packed in there.


May wobble a little when sat on uneven floors.

Winsome Wood Windsor Chair, Natural, Set of 2

When you want to make a statement, you go for the bold. And sometimes, you not only make yourself loud and clear, you also get to win.

Winsome Wood Windsor Chair - 400 lb weight capacity dining chairs

>>Click to Check Amazon for Latest Price

This is exactly what you get from this winsome wood Windsor chair, another of our classic plus size dining room chairs.

Just like the merax dining leisure chair, it is created from solid oak wood and it seems the designer is a fan of the timeless and peerless.

He has superbly succeeded in delivering the now rare time-honored appearance that has long been associated with quality and longevity in your home.

Why is this peerless?

The rounded legs and smooth contouring gives it not only an exquisite look but also makes it superiorly comfortable.

What’s more; I have summarized everything for you


It is one of the few dining chairs for heavy people that comes readily assembled. This saves you a lot of time and untimely headaches that comes with trying to play the engineer with the self-assembly big wooden chairs

The solid beech wood plus the double stretchers give it a strong foundation to stand tall when pressed with weight. You will love its sturdiness

Your people will never complain of back pain or tiredness even after sitting for long; all this is made possible by its excellent back support and extra height (its 17-inch tall)

With support for up to 220lbs and measuring 16.5-inches seat depth by 17.5 inches wide, this is well placed to serve. In fact, it averages a respected 4.5-star rating when pitted against other dining room chairs for heavy people

Not only are they sturdy, the joints are reinforced with additional metal pegs to keep them from ever unraveling

If you are looking for a penny saver, here you will be at home. The seats are reasonably inexpensive.


While they are heavy duty dining chairs, they are not as big as their peers and so they will not be convenient for every other large guy.

They are not necessarily the hardest on your butt but are nevertheless not as comfortable as some of their peers. So, yes they are functional and generally very good but not that cozy.

Flash Furniture HERCULES PREMIUM Series Black Resin Stacking Chiavari Chair

If you want your events to always attract the numbers, you must focus on making everyone feel at home. I am talking about your important occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Flash Furniture HERCULES PREMIUM Series - sturdy dining room chairs

>>Click to Check Amazon for Latest Price

To make all to feel more welcome, you will need one of the top-ranked heavy duty kitchen chairs, optimized for events such as the flash Hercules stacking Chiavari chair.

Why is this great?

With a picturesque frame design and being very light, you can use them everywhere- for your birthday, anniversary, weddings, and even graduation ceremonies.


They are picture friendly. Thus, everyone will not shy away from taking photos with their hosts and their pals.

Since they are readily stackable, moving them around within and outside the event venue is a piece of cake

It’s beautiful thus transforming your occasions to a fine display of fashion and creativity. Properly organized, these chairs for heavy people will make you stand out from the crowd

The guests will thank you for the extra comfort delivered by the optional gate cushions. They will sit for long and enjoy more of the quality time, making your occasion a total success.

This is one of the most aggressive chairs for heavy guys. Imagine it can still stand even with 1000lbs seated on in here? Even if you search all kitchen chairs for heavy people, there aren’t many options around the 1000lbs weight limit.

The gold finishing gives an impression of class and elegance so your guests will feel more confident to participate in all the activities. This occasion will subsequently be more fulfilling for you and your loved ones.


The hercules dining chairs are made of ultra-strong polycarbonate which is, in essence, a plastic so it’s not that sturdy compared with other heavy duty dining room chairs, for example, those made of solid oak.

Coaster Home Furnishings 100622 Casual Side Chair, Medium Brown, Set of 2

Despite being one of the oldest furniture styles- it was invented in 1894, mission style furniture has literary refused to go away.

You know the saying that old is gold? Nothing makes this look more real than the mission-style.

Best Heavy Duty Dining Chairs - 500 lb capacity dining chair

>>Click to Check Amazon for Latest Price

Just to put you up to speed, mission style is quite a broad style that makes use of horizontal plus vertical lines to create a simple yet sophisticated looking furniture that for most people becomes love at first sight.

Now, we thought it’s good to include something based on this awesome design in our review of plus size dining chairs.

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the coaster casual side chair, a warm and inviting smart dining chair. This is another exceptional option if you are searching for big and tall dining chairs

Why is it exceptional?

The slatted back and wooden sitting area create a majestic look that never goes out of fashion


It places emphasis on being simple, so you will find that it naturally matches with almost any decor. So, if you hate chairs which have intricate designs, this will make you happy.

While mission-style furniture is very simple and somehow basic, you will be surprised at how attractive it is. It’s true that most of its fans pick it up because of its natural beauty!

The chairs are very sturdy and will duly support a 300 lb guy without much hullabaloo. Don’t forget that they look bigger than ordinary dining room chairs. Thus, anybody looking for chairs for large people will not be disappointed.

If you are into environmental conservation, know that this is made from rubber-wood considered one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials out there. So, you will have a chic dining seat and still get to help the world by preserving nature.

These full sized dining seats are more durable and have a dense grain. You will be relaxed knowing that you won’t need to start shopping for heavy duty dining chairs all over again, anytime soon.

As it doesn’t shrink, Rubber-Wood happens to be one of the most stout construction materials. Thus, the stability your visitors will get hear will make them grin from ear to ear


Since they don’t have bottom bumpers, the legs rub off against the non-tiled floor making unpleasant noise especially when moving them.

You will need to periodically tighten the screws otherwise they may start wobbling after some time.

Roundhill Furniture Urban Style Solid Wood Leatherette Padded Parson Chair, Red, Set of 2

Shopping for strong chairs can sometimes be stressful. It is during such a time that you feel relieved to come across one of the best leather chairs for fat people. Yes! I am talking about the Roundhill leatherette padded chair.

heavy duty dining room chairs

>>Click to Check Amazon for Latest Price

What I liked most is the fact that it’s not just limited to being one of the heavy duty dining chairs but its versatile enough to be used in your office, kitchen and also in the living room.

And it will always leave a lasting impression;

What’s makes it so impressive?

Red is the color. And it’s the color of love and passion. Of all our strong dining room chairs, this looks to be the most lovable

Then, the leather is super-easy to clean. You just need to do some light dusting regularly and you get to return its original shine.


The price is simply unbeatable. You will not get many good quality, sturdy kitchen chairs being available at prices this low. Even more interesting is that to an outsider, it looks naturally expensive thanks to its overall design

Have you ever worked with some fabric which looks glorious on purchase only to discover it has started to fade just a few washes later? They are very frustrating! You don’t have to worry about that here. This sublimely resists sun and won’t fade.

It has excellent back support for everyone. You will never hear those irritating comments about how hard it is was for them to sit there or how they wished things ended earlier.

You will enjoy their versatility. You can use them even in your office and have every one of your clients complementing your brand new looks.

 Everything needed to assemble these chairs comes velcroed at the back. Not only does this makes it easier but you will also find the entire process friendly!


They are mid-range sized dining seats and bigger men or woman may find them a bit on the narrow side.[/well]
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Factors to consider when buying heavy duty dining chairs

plus size dining chairs - 400 lb weight capacity dining chairsSo, what how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? In other words, what makes it rank as one of the best chairs for fat people?

This is what you should zero-in on;

  • Functionality

If you go for a strong chair with a weak frame, you will have yourself to blame if it drops dead on you. If it can hold a big sized person or is just not built for this, too bad. You will end up wasting your money.

  • Comfort

Obviously, padding and cushioning make all heavy duty dining chairs comfortable. Something else you can count on for extra comfort is an armrest and back support.

  • Size and weight rating

Granted, it’s better to go for heavy duty kitchen chairs with the depth and the breadth to support the biggest man on earth. For instance, we saw that the flash Hercules stacking Chiavari chair can take in a massive1000-lbs!

  • Ease of assembly

Avoid kitchen chairs for heavy people with poorly written instructions or with missing installation hardware.  Imagine having to call some fancy engineer each time you need to disassemble your chair?

  • Versatility

If it can be versatile enough to be used in your office, kitchen and also in the living room, why not?

  • Beauty

The décor is important. Getting one of the adorable chairs for heavy guys could be nice for your room as it certainly uplifts the mood in the room and of course makes guys to feel warm and appreciated.

  • Others

Price and lightness can also contribute to making it one of the better plus size dining chairs to have, holding all factors constant.[/well]

Final word;

Do you know why I recommend having at least a few heavy duty dining chairs in your dining room?

It is because your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home. Remember it’s the only place where friends and family can freely congregate to discuss an important matter or just to enjoy a healthy meal, away from normal distractions like from your TV.

It is therefore paramount that you make it as comfortable and convenient for everyone, including you bigger pals.

And now, having armed you with the right information, I believe you will get the right comfortable kitchen chairs. Just make sure you don’t forget that what matters most is its functionality, comfort, breadth, and width, plus its beauty.

So, go ahead and transform your dining room. Everyone will thank you for this!

What is the best gaming chair for big guys? If you are a big or tall individual, finding the right computer chair that’s suitable for you can be a daunting task.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that many big people face. There are various features that you need to look out for when searching for the best and comfortable chair for big people.

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Some gaming chairs for big guys might look like the ordinary office chairs, but they are made specifically for plus size people.

The Best Gaming Chairs for Big Guys 2019

Vertagear SL2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

The Vertagear S-line SL2000 is a perfect big man computer chair for tall and big individuals.

There are many reasons why this is the best gaming chair for big guys.

First, it’s flexible and very comfortable. The manufacturers understand that gamers spend many hours sitting, so the first thing that they will look for in a chair is comfort.

This heavy duty gaming chair also has an ergonomic contouring and a high-density padding on the backrest that makes it ideal for huge folks. High backrest is made to provide lumbar, shoulder and neck support.

Vertagear SL2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

View Price and Buy on

So, what makes this chair perfect for big people?

Adjustable seat height

One feature that makes this computer chair ideal for big people is its high adjustable levels. Because gamers spend more hours sitting, having a chair with the right ergonomic posture is very vital.

With the weight capacity of 330 lbs or 150 kg, you can easily adjust this chair to suit your height and posture.

Comfort Padding

The padding is made from high-dense foam, which adds more value to its comfort. Also, there is an open-cell breathing feature that allows heat generated by users to flow out. This ensures that the users remain comfortable even when playing for longer hours.

Adjustable armrest and back

The armrest is designed in such a way that makes it easy for gamers to adjust to the height that they want. This allows users to provide their gaming arm with the support that they need throughout the gaming period.

The adjustable back also allows gamers to change their sitting position whenever they want to improve their gaming experience (maximum angle of 150 degrees).

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair – Fully Adjustable

There are many things that make the Herman Miller Classic chair ideal for gamers.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair - Fully Adjustable

View Price and Buy on

Below are some of the features that make this big man computer chair a perfect choice for gamers.


This chair offers many adjustments that guarantees users comfort while using it, especially gamers who love to play for longer hours.

If you’re a gamer, you will need a computer chair that provides you with the support that you need, and Herman Miller Aeron is your perfect choice.

Breathable suspension

If you like to stay cool while playing, then you will love this chair. With a breathable suspension, the Herman Miller Aeron allows users to dissipate their body heat.

So, in addition to providing you with quality support, you also get an opportunity to remain cool as you play.

Adjustability and ergonomics

The adjustability levels offered by this chair are exceptional. The arms, height, and back can all be adjusted to suit your comfort needs.

With the weight capacity of about 230 to 300 pounds and support for up to 6, 2 taller people, Classic Aeron is certainly the best computer chair for tall and big people.

Fully adjustable arms

There are three major types of arms; fully adjustable arms, height-adjustable arms, and stationery arms. Herman Miller Aeron has fully adjustable arms. This arm allows users to adjust their chair arms to different heights, slide forward and backwards over different ranges.

Exceptional back support

Back support in this computer chair includes PostureFit, which provides support to user’s base spine and thus helps them to maintain a proper posture without fatigue.

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DXRacer King Series – Gaming Chair For Big Guys

The DXRacer computer chair is another ideal gaming chair for big guys. This computer chair is ideal for people with weight of up to 136.1kg or 300 lbs and height up to 188 cm or 6’2’’.

It’s designed for big and taller people, especially the ones that are above average.

Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys - Computer Gaming Chair Reviews

View Price and Buy on

Features that make this computer chair ideal for big and tall individuals include:

Neck and lumbar supporting cushions

When you buy this chair, you will get the neck and the lumbar cushions to support these regions ergonomically. Given that gamers spend most of their time seated, it’s important that you get a chair that allows you to seat comfortable for longer hours.


The backrest and seating surface of this seat offers users with a wide space to seat on. This space is essential for gamers because it gives them enough room to breathe.

The backrest is firmly built, so resting your back on the DXRacer feels extremely comfortable. Also, the backrest is wider providing ample support for your lower back.


Because this seat is adjustable, you can rock it in a fourteen degrees radius and incline it down to 170 degrees. This position is perfect for you to take sleep for a few minutes when you are tired.

Also, the armrest can be tilted in 4D dimensions, to adjust their angles and height. Gamers are known to move around many times trying to move closer to the screen and stand-up every time they score a point.

To make them feel comfortable, this computer chair comes with a three inch caster wheel, which allows them to move around easily.

Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys – The Bottom Line

The best gaming chair for big guys should also have a stronger base, adjustable back and armrest, comfort padding, adjustable seat height, breathable suspension and more.

The three computer chairs discussed above are some of the best gaming chairs for big people.

Gamers seat for longer hours while playing, so it’s important for them to choose a computer chair that’s extremely comfortable.

Also, gamers like to move around when playing. Because of this, a computer chair that doesn’t make it easy for you to move around isn’t ideal.

Big men who like to play for more than six hours should also find a chair that is taller and has a wider backrest.

Bar stools for big guys have exploded in popularity in recent years, forcing many manufacturers to try their luck by launching bar stools targeted at us, the plus size community.

These stools allow our relatives, big friends, and even guests to perch comfortably and keep us company as we prepare delicacies.

Their height and design also means you can also use them at bars, shops, and at high tables. Here is what you need to know about this wonderful piece of furniture:

The Common Models Of Bar Stools

Bar stools for big guys come in three heights:

Spectator (Stadium) Bar Stools

These are the tallest obese person and you will find them averaging 34 to 36-inches tall.
They are to be used at counters/tables where extra height is a necessity such as 48-inch-high tables/counters or TV viewing.

They average 34 to 36-inches tall.

Examples here.

Counter Height Bar Stools

These are built to be used in a standard-height counter (usually 36 inches tall). They thus range between 24 and 26 inches tall.

Bar-Height Bar Stools For Big Guys

Bar height fat man stools are to be paired with the stepped-up portion of your kitchen counter.
This height is identical to that of most pub tables making bar-height stools ideal for bars/pubs.

The stools are themselves about 30 inches tall.

Advantages Of Buying Bar stools for big guys

  • Super Strong

Most high weight capacity bar stools are very well made, muscular, and sturdy.

Chances of breaking the big and tall counter height stools are thus very remote.

  • Bar Stools For Heavy People are Cozier

Some of the extra large bar stools include feet levelers ensuring stability and weight redistribution.

You enjoy even more comfort if such big and tall counter stools are boosted with thick padded cushion which is often the case.

  • Quite Durable

That they’re durable is not in question.

Certain brands have super strong frames and are purposed to last many years

Disadvantages Of Buying Bar stools for big guys

  • Heavy

Well-made extra wide bar stools can be heavy, so it’s not very easy to push it away.

However, choosing a heavy duty rolling stool or bar stools for big guys that swivels saves you from having to drag it away (from the counter) to get in – a process that stresses your back.

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Bar stools for big guys buying guide

Before swiping your credit card,  you need to be aware of some essentials including bar stool height. Here is a summary:

The Bar Stool’s capacity

Check your double wide bar stool weight capacity and the size of the sitting area.

A good bar stool should accommodate your big butt and extra weight.

Fortunately, most are rated and the market has several of these.

From  bar stools that hold 400 lbs all the way to a 500 lb capacity bar stool and even beyond, you should get an option that feels right.


Comfort largely depends on your personal preference though other users may influence your decision.

For instance, if seniors or small children will also be using the bar stool, then you need to factor in their special needs.

While backless stools are preferable where space is lacking, or where you need a minimalistic look, your young ones may find bar stools tempting to lean backwards.

So you ought to consider heavy duty bar stools with back for more comfort and safety.

Tie-on cushions can also pad a hard wood or metal while footrests ensure that your legs don’t dangle precariously without support.

Your height

Not all heavy duty counter stools will fit a tall person. To be comfortable, you will need tall heavy duty bar stools.

A great option would be an adjustable bar stool since you can change its height to fit.

Indeed, with an adjustable bar stool, one size would fit a variety of uses since you can make it shorter or taller depending on where you are using it.

That being said, some bar stools are designed to be used where extra height is essential, like for T.V. viewing.

Existing Décor

Bar stools with high weight limit come in various designs, styles, and finishing . Rough, unsophisticated finishing bring the rustic while clean, spare lines introduce the urban!

So, when purchasing, ensure that your choice rhymes with the existing décor in your room.

If not,  your kitchen will lose its beauty.

Can It Swivel?

Heavy duty swivel bar stools are the easiest to get into. You just turn the stool to the right or left and easily sit in.

And  if you have difficulties turning the seat, you can push it slightly back to find a way into it.

Swiveling also simplifies interaction as it allows you to face the person at the kitchen and start a conversation.

Alternatively, you can swivel to face the TV or someone in the neighboring room.


A big dilemma when evaluating heavy duty bar stools including heavy duty commercial bar stools with back is whether to select a traditional four-legged stool, three-legged, or a contemporary central column with round base.

Four-legged stool heavy duty commercial bar stools provide more rigidity and may feel very stable.

On the hand, some round base bar stools that supports 300 pounds  afford more dynamism but may not be as stable.

Similarly, many of the three-legged bar stools for big guys are designed for with poise and balance and could be a good bet , other factors constant.

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Bar stools for big guys reviews

Trinity TWE-1101 Chrome Swivel Barstool, 29-Inch, Black

An absolute gem,  this chrome finish bar stool stands at 30″ tall and is ideal for most bar-height counters within the 41″ – 43″ height range.

Trinity TWE-1101 Chrome Swivel Barstool, 29-Inch, Black


See Latest Price on

The bar stool has compelling evidence that it’s engineered for a large person:

First, you have a spacious 14.75″ wide padded seating area- perfect for an extra-large behind. Then, it comes with a robust  double ring construction which gives it the distinct ability to accommodate as much as 300 lbs. without much struggle.

The four adjustable feet levelers also stabilize the bar stool and even out weight distribution so it rarely wobbles.

Other great features are the 360 degrees swivel which makes it accessible when reaching for items or completing a task.

You will love the modern looks thanks to the chrome finish!


  • High-gloss chrome finish
  • 75″ seat
  • Double ring construction
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • 360-degree swivel
  • CA flame retardant
  • Feet levelers


  • Multipurpose- It can fit your garage, kitchen, pub, and more
  • Sleek looking.
  • It has fire resistant properties.
  • The feet levelers make it very stable.
  • The functions works


  • A bit difficult to assemble

National Public Seating 6224H Steel Stool

The national public seating steel bar stool is one of the fastest moving  stools and it’s easy to see why:

Its 18-Gauge steel frame is the type that doesn’t succumb anyhow and can last for years. Then, at 14”, the round seat is just slightly below the bigger Trinity TWE-1101 bar stool and is still big enough for a big butt.

National Public Seating Steel Stool with Hardboard Seat Adjustable


See Latest Price on

By the same token, the Masonite seat is strongly riveted to the pan and resists warping.

Moving on, the  self-leveling steel glides guarantees stability for this 300 lbs.-rated stool.

But to us, the winner is the extension rod on the legs that enable you to adjust the stool’s height to stand anywhere between 25 and 33 inches depending on your height.


  • 14″ round seat
  • Masonite board seat
  • 18-gauge steel frame
  • Self-leveling steel floor glides
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Height adjusting rod
  • Grey powder coated


  • You can adjust the height.
  • It’s very durable.
  • The self-leveling glides improve stability.
  • Very simple design.
  • Super comfortable.


  • It takes some work to adjust the height
  • Lacks a swivel function.

Seville Classics Stainless Steel Top Work Stool

If you’re looking for an easy to adjust bar stool for big guy, the Seville stainless steel top stool could be it.

Bar Stools For Big Guys - Heavy Duty Bar Stools Reviews 2018


See Latest Price on

Here, the construction features a handy pneumatic action which easily adjusts the height to stand anywhere between 25.5 and 29.75 inches.

Still on the engineering, the seat is made of industrial-grade chrome plated steel so it doesn’t capitulate under your weight.

The seat is equal to the preceding national public seating steel bar stool though the top  is made of brush stainless steel making it easier to clean.

The, like its competitor- the  Trinity TWE-1101 Barstool- the stool has an awesome swivel function and helps to reach out to things and people.

Overall, it can be outstanding as a work stool.


  • 19″ round seat
  • Brush stainless steel top
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Pneumatic height adjusting action
  • Chrome-plated steel
  • NSF certified (commercial use)


  • Assembly is a breeze.
  • The stool is easier to clean.
  • Quite durable.
  • Awesome swivel function.
  • You can adjust the height.


  • The seat can be slippery


Bar stools for big guys are built to remain solid in various environments.

As we have seen, the options in the market are hefty and carry your excess pounds without breaking a sweat.

They also offer excellent support for  big rears and are a far cry from the punishing narrow bar stools.

To avoid disappointment when buying, check out factors such as, stability, décor, comfort,   and weight capacity among others.

Furthermore, we have brought you the best three in the market meaning you already have an idea of what to expect.

With them, you can have fun chatting with friends, entertain yourself, or  even work without worrying about collapsing.

Happy shopping!

Heavy duty bunk beds for adults are unlike many other bunk bed types in several aspects:

First and foremost, they are designed to withstand extreme strain, and don’t move an inch even when a plus-size man (like yours truly) hops in.

Then, you will notice their frames are robust and generally serve for longer. Still, your heavy duty bunk bed maybe usually larger again making it a sizzling choice for any plus-size person.

Here is what I love most:

If you arm your sturdy bunk bed  with a mattress of greater density, you upgrade your nights from being just good to a thrilling experience.

Loving it? Now, this guide is to help you land the very best sturdy bunk beds whenever you are out shopping….

Advantages of purchasing heavy duty bunk beds for adults

  • You already know this one: They are handy space savers. If you live in a small apartment and receive a lot of guests, sturdy bunk beds for adults never disappoint.
  • They are resilient: Most heavy duty metal bunk beds for adults will still be functional many years later.
  • Adult metal bunk beds are safe: Since they are steady under weight, they hardly collapse so you’re protected from possible injuries. Some even come with guardrails.
  • Oversized bunk beds support even smaller people so they can be used by others even after your obese kids move out of home.
  • Some sturdy wooden bunk beds are beautifully finished and make your rooms aesthetically pleasing.

Disadvantages of purchasing heavy duty bunk beds for adults

  • Though they offer good value for your money, some heavy duty metal bunk beds are quite costly.
  • It’s an open secret that metal bunk beds for adults are incredibly heavy so they’re not very easy to move about.

Heavy duty bunk beds for adults: FAQs

Lets’ now shift gears and look at some of the questions people ask about sturdy loft beds.

Can bunk beds hold adults?

A: Because of their reinforced construction, heavy duty bunk beds are safe and sound to sleep on by all adults, including us, the overweight.

Are Bunk beds Comfortable?

A: With the right mattresses and other accessories, bunk beds are as comfortable as a normal bed so you will still sleep like a child.

What is the Best mattress for Bunk Beds?

A: Overall, bunk beds are not much different from mattresses used in traditional beds. However, the dimensions of every bunk will point you to the correct mattress size. But most accommodate either twin or full sized mattresses. A few models combine the two.

Can bunk beds collapse?

A: Yes and No. if you go for a weaker one- the market has so many of these-, there’s always a chance that it could collapse on you cutting short your dream. But collapsing is largely an alien term as far as sturdy metal bunk beds are concerned.

What is the average price for bunk beds?

A: Well, the price depends on the material used, general construction, and the brand. But on the whole, heavy duty types are priced higher than ordinary bunk beds.

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Heavy duty bunk beds for adults buying guide

If you are looking for bunk beds suitable for adults, expect to be faced with a lot of models. Forget about the features that the salesman is drumming into you. Here is what you should counter check:

  • Weight limit

These beds vary in their carrying capacity. You may find a metal bunk bed weight limit listed as 1000 lbs. (Imagine that?) which will of course fit guys who tip the scales at that level while there are some pretty good beds with different weight caps.

The most important thing is to ensure that whatever your choice, it will adequately support your weight.

  • Fashion

As I had mentioned, I find some of the sturdy wood bunk beds very beautiful. Meaning, if you want to maintain a certain style in your guest room, you may have to opt for a bed that matches with the existing décor.

Some come with an espresso finish while others are coated with a pleasant-looking dark color. Some heavy duty wood bunk beds have a contemporary design and compliment almost any room décor.

And so forth.

  • The Ladder

The best bed should be easy and comfortable to climb up and step downwards. However, some beds have a ladder which is rather uncomfortable to climb and are generally hard to use. Certain ladders also feel shaky and may expose you to the risk of slipping and falling.

To be on the safe side, look for a bed whose ladder provides a larger stepping surface and having a sturdy built-in handrail.

Additionally, a quality ladder will have groves on its stepping to avoid slippage.

Another option is a staircase bed. These have extra space and support making climbing easy and super-safe.

  • Ease of Assembly

Unless you are a skilled technician, you will always appreciate a bunk bed that’s easy to set up.

Some will take two hours with up to four people working on the assembly while the market also offers models which are fairly direct to fix.

Try to read the directions. If they’re clear and are supported by self-explanatory images, then expect an easier job.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers make beds which are notoriously hard to mount.

  • Accessories

Some beds come with special accessories and are much more comfortable, fun, and convenient.

For instance, a headboard adds comfort to you bunk bed as does a footboard. Most sturdy bunk beds also include slats so you don’t need a separate base to support your mattress.

Others have a hand-hole detail adding safety and style while yet others accommodate storage drawers in the bottom bunk where you can store your personal items such as your phone, cloth items, and a book.

  • Versatility

Depending on the design, a bunk bed can serve multiple purposes. For example, a futon bunk Bed can be converted with the lower part becoming a restful sofa for your visitors.

Those with built-in desks offer a convenient studying place while saving on your floor space.

Heavy duty bunk beds for adults reviews

Powell Heavy Metal Black Full Over Full Bunk Bed

If you know the meaning of strength, then you need to give the Powell heavy duty metal bunk bed a hearing.

Powell Heavy Metal Black Full Over Full Bunk Bed


View Latest Price on

Because of its outstanding metallic construction, this holds on strongly under all sorts of pressure and can survive the harshest treatment.

You can even jump while in the top bunk and trust me, it won’t give in. It also meets expectations in the form of space- it’s very spacious.

Besides, it looks easy on the eye with its elegant black complimenting your décor while the sturdy step ladder gives you an easy way up and down from the bunk.


  • Full over full bed
  • Metallic
  • Black finishing
  • Sturdy step ladder
  • Weight limit: 300 pounds


  • The bed is super sturdy
  • Assembly proceeds pretty well.
  • This bunk bed looks great once installed in the room.
  • It’s a full size so it’s very spacious.
  • You can separate the beds and use them individually


  • The ladder is a bit hard.

Dorel Home Products Silver Screen Twin/Futon Bunk Bed

Like any other futon bed, you can use the Dorel Twin/Futon bunk bed both as a cozy sofa and a soothing bed at night.

 Dorel Home Products Silver Screen Twin/Futon Bunk Bed

View Latest Price on

It’s one of the less bulky choices so you can easily shift it from one room to another. The straight ladder is not only comfortable but also easy to climb. Still, the engineering is such that converting it into a sofa is a breeze.

Despite all this, the bunk bed comes at an amazing price meaning you get style, versatility, and functionality without breaking the bank.


  • Contemporary design
  • Weight limit: Futon, 600 lbs, top bunk, 225 lbs.
  • Futon bunk bed (top bunk is a twin)
  • Metal frame


  • It looks very modern and attractive.
  • The futon can support guests weighing an incredible 600 lbs.
  • It can be used as a relaxing sofa during the day.
  • It’s another super solid bunk bed.
  • It comes at a fantastic price.


  • It’s not the easiest to assemble.

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed, Espresso

A premier quality sturdy bunk bed, the Max & Lily twin over twin bed is made of solid Pine wood and is by a mile, one of the sturdiest in the market.

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds for Adults - Bunk Beds For Heavy People Reviews


View Latest Price on

It’s also full of other awesome features:

To start with, you can separate the two twin Bunks into two free-standing beds so you can use it as an ordinary bed if you migrate to a spacious room.

Then, with a capacity to support as much as 400 lbs. the bed has an admirable ability and beats some of the leading models in the bunk beds space.

Still, it comes with taller 14 inches guardrails meaning it safely fits standard mattress sizes.

Best of all?

You can install storage drawers under the beds or even a trundle bed.


  • Pine wood construction (metal support).
  • Weight limit: 400 lbs.
  • Reversible ladder
  • 14 inch. guardrails
  • Compatible with storage drawers/trundle bed


  • This bed is of outstanding quality.
  • The construction is very durable.
  • It can accommodate drawers or a trundle.
  • The taller guardrails make it very safe.
  • You can reverse the ladder to your preferred side.


  • It’s not as pocket-friendly as the Dorel Twin/Futon bunk bed


As you can see from our Heavy duty bunk beds for adults guide, you and your big friends can still sleep safely and soundly while saving on your room space.

The best heavy duty bunk beds for adults will not bulge under weight meaning that you don’t have to worry- the way you would when using a conventional bunk bed.

We have also looked at some of the greatest choices trending in the market today to make your work easier when out shopping.

Plus the features that can make all the difference in a bunk bed for a heavier person.

So, can we wish you luck with your bunk bed choice?

Sofa buying guide for 2019: Whether you’re looking into refurnishing your home with a new sofa or trying to replace an old one, you must consider some important factors in choosing one.

When you think about quality, pricey ones might be on top of your selection list especially if you’re thinking that price is the first basis of makers in manufacturing a high-quality sofa. To tell you the truth, it is not just the price that matters in selecting the right sofa for your home. Aside from price, you still have to look into other important points to get the best value for your money.

In maximizing your spending, you have to think of quality in selecting your couch. You don’t want to replace it every year because of popped springs or broken structure, and sometimes, it goes out of style and shape after a period of time.

To help you out in your search for the right sofa, let us discuss key points in choosing one in this article.

Sofa Buying Guide – Key Points

Decide on what cushion type you desire for your new sofa.

Select between attached or loose back cushions. For the loose cushion type, you’ll have the preference on turning pillows as you desire, while attached ones never need rearranging or fluffing. Test on the sofa by seating on it. Check out if it feels comfortable for you. Does it have the right height as well for reading a book or taking a nap in the afternoon?

Decide on the number of cushions.

Choosing a single-cushioned sofa will give your home a modern and simplistic look while the double-cushioned sofa will provide your space a traditional appeal. In addition, check on the cushion as you seat on it. Are they fixed in place or are they flaring up in the corners? Are the cushion connected to the sofa’s frame with a clip, holding it in place?

Think about the sofa arms.

What type of arms do you desire for your sofa? Or do you want it armless? Choose from traditionally rolled arms, armless, straight parson’s style, or curved arm. Rolled armed sofas have flat front panels are often designed in cording. The English version arm comes rounder in front with material formed as sunburst-type pleats. There are also straight-armed sofas that are seen in modern homes.

Check out on the sofa’s legs.

Do you prefer skirted or visible legs? Select from leg designs like heavy squared, wide bun feet, elegantly tapered, curved, or non-curved legs. Aside from the leg style, you can also select from different finishes that they come from.

 Select on the right frame construction.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner Review sofa buying guideFrames must be durable because they are the foundation of every long lasting sofa. Think about the construction of the sofa’s frame that you fall in love with. The best of them are made of hardwood like poplar, maple or oak. However, they are pricier than sofa constructed with pine wood. The interior of the furniture, aside from the frame, is also important. Cheap furniture is only stapled together and only has corner bracing. The better ones are screwed together securely.

Assess the seat-made.

The furniture store can help you recognize the support system that furniture is made of. Ask whether the chosen sofa is made with tied springs or with cheaper wire coils.

Ask about the pillow and cushion filling.

The feel of the sofa, whether it will give comfort or pain for your body, depends on the type of cushion or pillow fillings it has. The upholstered foam is cheaper and has thickness and weight to choose from; the best of them, however, contain have down fillings. All cushions that are downed are fluffed everyday, though an alternative utilize down pads tapered on a core of foam.

Finally, decide on the material of the sofa.

This will give the total look of your sofa from a view. Decide whether you want leather which is attractive though bit pricey or velvets which are lovely but may have wear and tear in the long run. You can also have a personalized seat cover for your sofa.

Sofa Buying Guide – Parting Shot

These are some options that can guide you in choosing your new sofa. Choose the style that suits your home and above all, consider the type that will last for many years.

I hope the sofa buying guide helps. If you like it, feel free to share with your circles.

Are you bigger than the average person? Are you interested in buying the best leather couches for big and tall guys? Okay, I am here to assist you. I am plus size and I know how hard it can be to get a couch that will comfortably and safely accommodate a heavy person.

Most couches are not tall enough to support a tall person. Others are not study enough to support a person heavier than the average person. Read this post attentively and I believe you will be able to select the best one even if you’re plus size.

If you are searching for comfort, safety, plus simple styling – why not try to purchase a plus size leather sofa?

With plush cushions, sturdiness, extra large size plus modern design, couches for big and tall will comfortably and safely support your large body.

 Leather sofa can make any available room just a little grander. Complimented along with brownish tapered solid wood hip and legs, a reddish natural leather sofa will make a statement!

Heavy duty leather sofas are functional and quick methods to add style and course to any available space. Being both long lasting and sturdy, you never need to worry about it breaking under your weight.

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Leather sofas are anymore not just for living rooms! You can put a natural leather sofa mattress within your guest room or perhaps a leather sofa occur your media room to make your entire guest comfortable.

Benefits of buying an Extra Large Leather Couch

A natural leather sofa is like an excellent wine, it will get better as time passes. Unlike a fabric sofa that you may be worried about kids spilling drinks onto it, a natural leather sofa brushes off but still retains the colour and design it entered your house with. This is just one of several benefits of running a leather sofa.


Made from natural components, leather sofa can be known because of its unbeatable comfort. The leather material breathes, which will keep it cool during warm and summer during winter. In addition, it gets convenient with frequent make use of so you can take pleasure in your own leather sofa for an extended period of time. Make the most of leather sofa with cushioned arm and headrest for optimum comfort.

Additionally, the extra-large size means that you will sit or sleep comfortably on the sofa.


You can never fail with the timeless elegance of a natural leather sofa. It has a distinctive look that may match a contemporary as well as traditional living room. Add a natural leather sofa within your family room if you need to accomplish a high- finish, luxurious look to your house.


In contrast to fabric sofa, natural leather sofa may survive the physical trauma due to everyday use or misuse. Leather is a long lasting material. It hardly ever loses its colour and that means you don’t possess to be worried about falling or discoloration. Due to its long useful existence, natural leather sofas are recognized to last for decades and may even be passed on to generations as heirloom.

To support your large weight, heavy duty couches are made with strong frames to support even the heavies person in the family.


 While issue for the environments grows, the hunt for a green and eco-friendly fabric to utilize in the home continues. Leather fulfills both needs. Leather originates from a new renewable resource — the hides of cows and is really a natural material. Although there could be remedies put on the leather, the procedure process provides color and imparts sturdiness to the material; nevertheless , it isn’t used to help to make the fabric.


You’ll find nothing worse than sitting on a cold leather-based sofa when you are cold or a very hot leather sofa whenever you’re hot, correct? It is a valid issue with regards to natural leather which is subjected to sun and rain to have an extended time period. Using furniture that’s inside there isn’t very much fluctuation in heat, indicating you’re not subjected to really very hot or really cold natural leather.

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How to Select the Best Leather Heavy Duty Couches


Budget is one of the vital parts of purchasing the best quality leather sofa. You can see different types of leather sofas for sale in the marketplace. But price varies for their qualities. If your budget is high, you can purchase high quality leather sofa. So budget is a great factor for purchasing it.

Accurate Size

If you have a more impressive family room, you will have to decide how much of the family room you need your couch in order to fill up. If you’re searching for a sofa that’ll be the particular focal stage of one’s living room, search for rounder couch designs that take up a little more room and provide lots of seating. In case you possess a little family room, it’s likely that you’ll need a smaller sized sofa. So you have to purchase following accurate size.

Check the Frame

A new durable frame actually means a new long-lasting extra sofa for big and tall. Smooth solid timber, such as pinus radiata, is low-cost, nonetheless it might wobble or warp after 5 years. Pricier hardwood (actual kiln-dried oak, beech, or even ash, for instance ) is stronger. Avoid frames manufactured from particleboard, plastic, or metallic; they might warp and crack.

Design and color

A classic brown natural leather sofa with tailored lines and brass nail-head detail is ideal inside a traditional design scheme, but avoid believe that is your only choice. Leather sofa furthermore looks excellent in modular, contemporary designs and wealthy colours, like maroon or even sapphire glowing blue. If a pop is wanted by you of color, you can find colorful leather like reddish or yellow aswell.

Find Tough Textiles

Sofas with regard to everyday use require durable fabric. Natural cotton and linen are usually winners (but look out for loose weaves — they are able to snag). Furthermore terrific: artificial microfiber, that may mimic the majority of materials and is spot proof. Linen and cotton could be treated for stain level of resistance, yet even then they not necessarily as an easy task to clear, or as long lasting.

Short Reviews about the Best Couches for Big and Tall

DHP Emily Splitback Futon, Vanilla

The DHP Emily Convertible Futon is made to offer both functionality and style. This futon could be converted from the sofa to a mattress in under a minute. Having a metal framework, this futon is strong and durable.

Best Leather Couches for Big and Tall Guys for 2018


It includes a well padded mattress which makes the futon comfortable for sleeping or sitting for long hours. As this futon and mattress comes in multiple color options, you can pick the one which matches your current interior decor. This Emily Convertible Futon simply by DHP is made for a contemporary house, but will mix equally nicely in a modern or industrial house setting.


  • Measures when folded up: 32″ High, 71″ Wide, 34″ Deep.
  • Sleeping Dimensions: 70.5 x 43.5 x 15.5 inches.
  • Seat Height is 16″ High and 23″ Deep
  • Sophisticated & modern design using its gorgeous chrome legs.
  • Durable and attractive design.
  • Front and back have same material.
  • Mix and match, white and black, futons and loungers – Shipped to your door!
  • Convertible futon could have the split back since it has two individual cushions.


  • Multi position divided back with “Click Clack” technology.
  • Rich, faux natural leather upholstery is sensible and an easy task to maintain.
  • Beautiful chrome legs.
  • Cushioning is made from high-density foam and polyester for a company mattress.
  • Coverts to bed placement in seconds.


  • It looks excellent but it is rather unpleasant.
  • The elements of the futon where in fact the frame connects is unpleasant.

Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests, Brown Vinyl

This particular sofa bed functions detachable arm rests which may be utilized mainly as pillows once the couch is produced into a mattress. This product also offers a recline placement along with the obvious 2 in 1 sofa mattress function. The legs plus pillows towards the sofa bed are usually stored inside a freezer compartment within the couch for comfort plus easier preparation.

The Coaster Sofa Mattress in brownish vinyl is easily sized, so it can easily fit into places where there’s a somewhat limited level of space. This futon also comes with metal hip and legs for strength and balance. This specific sofa bed comes in a comfortable, chocolates brown color as well.


  • It’s also manufactured from vinyl, that ought to be durable as time passes.
  • This sofa bed functions metal legs offering stability and strength.
  • The particular pillows on the detachable arm rests may be used as resting cushions once the futon will be in the setting up placement.
  • The thickness of the cushion featured inside the backing and chair of the futon offers extra comfort.
  • The particular zipper compartment offers storage and comfort and also easy planning.


  • Futon Sofa Mattress along with Detachable Arm Sets in Dark brown Vinyl fabric.
  • Some set up could be required.
  • Extremely an easy task to assemble.
  • Legs are stored in the zipper compartment within the unit.
  • This particular item is qualified to receive free replacement pieces. Get in touch with Amazon customer support for more.


  • The padding wears down rapidly and the big metallic bar within the center makes it really uncomfortable for resting.
  • The futon appears nice but is suprisingly uncomfortable for sleeping.

Homelegance 9700BRW-3 Double Reclining Sofa, Brown Bonded Leather

This particular reclining Cranley Collection utilizes unencumber system that with a reliable pull sends you directly into your final comfort zone. Black tufted bonded natural leather match addresses the overstuffed arms, backs and chairs furthering the relief for you, your family and friends. Nook wedge is usually to be had to show in to this versatile seats Assortment into a delicious sectional.

The lying Cranley Selection uses release system that will with a mild draw sends you directly into your own ultimate safe place. Tufted Bonded leather addresses the overstuffed hands, seats and backs furthering the comfort and ease for you, your friends and family. Offered in dark or brown.


  • Imported Bonded leather.
  • Cranley Collection seating region is covered in brownish bonded leather and part area is covered inside faux leather.
  • Overstuffed hands, seats and backs upholstered with high-density foam inside cushioned comfort.
  • Lever action reclining system for easy procedure.
  • Easy seat back assembly is required.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Very comfy, the correct stiffness for my flavor.
  • Works very well plus color is wealthy.
  • Ideal seating construction
  • Affordable price


  • Not absolutely durable
  • This is a bit weighty.

Tips & Tricks When Purchasing the Leather Couches for Big and Tall

Would you like stylish, comfortable furnishings that truly improves with age? Invest in leather then, a durable and appealing material that will come in a number of styles, colors plus strengths. Listed below are items to bear in mind when buying a sofa:

Leather will be four times stronger than fabric, therefore don’t be worried about getting children around this. Like a leather jacket or sneakers just, leather furniture may get much better with age group.

A natural leather sofa must suit your way of life first. Could it be likely to work for just how you’re going to utilize it? What room does it go in? Whether it’s a hectic area that will get lots of put on plus tear, opt for a little heavier end and protection to be able to just clean up a stain.

When contemplating price, understand that a leather sofa can last at least so long as three fabric sofas.

The frame shouldn’t wobble or creak, it should be durable and sit squarely on to the floor. Wobbly or creaky frames mean less durable joints, while a strong framework means your sofa can last you longer.

The frame plus all of the corners ought to be well padded. Run your give them firmly to observe. A padded frame won’t stand out through the upholstery, it also means that much less friction for that material that’s within the frame.

Examine the sofa through behind, and dab the guts to make certain it isn’t hollow.

In case you are buying a lying sofa or a couch mattress, all mechanisms should smoothly function. Lying, or motion furniture is more expensive generally, and you are spending money on a functioning, running mechanism smoothly. It makes feeling to check on those functions away at the shop.

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If the sofa offers any metal components, inspect to note that they are free and smooth of sharp edges. All shifting components on a couch mattress or lying sofa should obvious the fabric totally in order to avoid tearing. You do not want any accidental injuries to yourself or even harm to your furniture from the faulty system.

Leather Sofas for Big and Tall Maintenance & Cleansing Tips

Usually try any cleansing technique in a concealed area 1st in order to convince yourself associated with the outcomes!

For small places and splatters, wipe up any excess liquid instantly with a clear absorbent fabric or sponge. If necessary, work with a lightly moistened smooth cloth with clear lukewarm water, plus allow it air dried out normally. If water can be used, clean the complete area where in fact the place occurred.

Do not really make use of soap or even soak the spot greatly with drinking water. This might cause a lot more damage compared to the spot itself.

Do not really make use of cleaning solvents, furnishings polish, natural oils, varnish, abrasive cleansers, detergent soaps, or even ammonia drinking water.

For butter, essential oil, or even grease stains, clean off excess along with a new clean dried out fabric, and keep alone because the place should dissipate in to the leather after a short time of time.

If the stain continues, it is suggested that an expert leather professional clear the leather in order to avoid any kind of possible harm to it itself.

For small or minor scrapes at first glance, work with a chamois or clear fingers to softly buff the scratch. In case needed, moisten gently with distilled drinking water to work scrapes out.

Protect your furnishings from sunlight plus direct lighting. Similar to upholstery materials, natural leather can fade to some extent if exposed to sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why exactly should everyone buy leather sofa?

A: Leather sofa may be the longest lasting & durable upholstery materials you are able to get-perfect for just about any space of your house or workplace. It’s the strongest furniture materials known to man and can endure the bustle of lifestyle, including pets and children. So everyone buy natural leather.

Q: Just how long will my natural leather sofa last?

A: Along with proper care, excellent natural leather, unlike fabric furniture, should be expected to final the average person’s life time. Particular features turn out to be imperative whenever choosing good upholstery materials that may last for decades.

Q: What do you mean by pure Aniline?

A: Real Aniline is natural leather that receives the just colour through translucent aniline chemical dyes. No opaque tones have already been used to colour the leather. Generally, this term means probably the most natural and therefore priciest leathers.

Q: What’s the softest leather?

A: Real Aniline leathers are the most organic leathers, and also have been prepared minimal. These hides usually boast the softest hands .

Q: How can I care my leather sofa?

A: Dust once a week simply, and clean month to month with a fabric dampened with unadulterated water. For more information, see the Cleaning and Care guidelines.

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Leather couches for big and tall are very much crucial for your living room as well as drawing room. You may also place a leather couch chaise in your master suite to produce a nice reading nook. Leather sofa comes in variety of colours such as elegant black, rich and creamy whitened or sexy red.

You can see many types of leather sofas for sale in the marketplace. If you’re not tall, select shallow or deep seats based on your height. A taller person will require deeper seats. The options are limitless!